In Conversation with Estelle Gittins

“Well it’s different every day and that’s why I love it! You can be dealing with medical manuscripts one day and born digital archives the next, photographs one day and Samuel Beckett material another day…” For our third episode, we spoke with Estelle Gittins, an archivist at Trinity College Library, Dublin. Beginning with her own… Continue reading In Conversation with Estelle Gittins

The Sir Denis Mahon Library + Archive

Sir Denis Mahon (1910-2011) was a scholar and collector of huge importance to the field of seventeenth century Baroque art. Encouraged by his tutor, the eminent Nikolaus Pevsner, Sir Denis started his art historical investigations with the Italian artist Guercino. In the 1930s there was little regard for 17th century Baroque art which allowed Sir Denis to purchase a very under-priced Guercino. Upon… Continue reading The Sir Denis Mahon Library + Archive

Study Day at the National Gallery of Ireland

So illusionistic were Caravaggio’s paintings that they were said to have “ravaged the sight of the people of Rome.” The wonderfully articulate Dr Helen Langdon opened the study day which took place yesterday at the National Gallery, in conjunction with the UCD School of Art History & Cultural Policy. The Third Level Academic Study Day was… Continue reading Study Day at the National Gallery of Ireland

In conversation with Karen

Brand designer and illustrator Karen Harte met us at the Marker Hotel recently to chat about her work and transforming her passion and talent for drawing into a viable career, while also tackling social issues through her thought-provoking sketches and drawings.   Emily’s Hive Mind Musings For our second episode we chatted to Karen Harte, a hugely talented artist and, I have… Continue reading In conversation with Karen